conferences and topics (2021)

Universidad de Murcia

This topic was analyzed in “Cyber Intelligence and Digitalisation process”, the eight of a cycle of debates within the contest Defensa y yo, which took place on 30th April at 16:00h, via Zoom Pro, due to health conditions.

These were the members composing the panel of experts:

Antonio Skarmeta, Engineering of Information and Communication Department in the University of Murcia

Jose María Blanco, Manager at the Intelligence and Prospective Office at Prosegur.

Michael DeBolt, Intel 471’s Senior Vice President of Intelligence

The debate was developed in English, with simultaneous translation to Spanish, and it was presented by Antonio Skarmeta.

After the meeting, the participating students from the University of Salamanca had three weeks to develop their projects individually following the instructions and according to the contest rules.

The winner of the contest was

Alejandro Cano Bermúdez