Geopolitics of Energy and Energy Security

conferences and topics (2024) GET TO KNOW OUR LECTURERS Olga KhakovaDeputy Director of European Energy Security at the Global Energy Center (GEC) of the Atlantic Council. Olga Khakova is the

Blanca Bouzas Ortega

contest winners (2023) How nationality is intertwined with security threat perception Any situation of migration and border management is usually justified by political visions that account for the values and

Marina Gómez Carrasco

contest winners (2021) La transformación de los conflictos bélicos presenta un nuevo escenario para la seguridad de los Estados. En este contexto, es necesario un cambio en la cultura de

The future of war 

conferences and topics (2021) Since the times of the first hominids, violence had come along with humanity. Although it is a fact that it has been reduced in quantitative terms,