conferences and topics (2023)

Universidad de Barcelona

“NATO-Ukraine association in face of Russian Invasion”, one of the debates within the contest Defensa y yo 3.0, took place on 20th December at 10:30h, in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Law of the University of Barcelona (Av. Diagonal, 684).. It will count with the participation of the experts:

Kevin Daucher, political aggregate at NATO’s US mission in Brussels.

Sonia Andolz, Political Science professor at University of Barcelona and Director at General Administration of Security of Cataluña´s Generalitat

The debate was conducted in English, and was moderated by Cristina Manzano, director of esglobal.

After the meeting, the participating students will be able to develop and present their work individually following the instructions and according to the contest rules. The winner will be awarded a trip to Brussels where he/she will be able to visit NATO headquarters and see first hand the center of Western defense. We remind you that in order to be eligible for the prize, students must be registered on the attendance form.

The winner of the contest was

Montserrat Fabregat López