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Universidad de Santiago de Compostela

As we delve into the intricate realm of geopolitics and energy security, a pressing question arises: Are we witnessing the dawn of a new era reminiscent of the Cold War, redefining the global landscape? Once characterized by cooperation and mutual benefit, the relationship between major powers now stands at a pivotal juncture. The rivalry between nations, particularly evident between the United States and China, has escalated, overshadowing ers twhile collaborative endeavors. Trade tensions, technological competitions, and ideological disparities have fue led uncertainties, prompting us to ponder the implications for global stability. Join us for an enlightening discourse on “Geopolitics and Energy Security: Navigating a New Era,” as we dissect the multifaceted dynamics shaping our world today.


Olga Khakova -Lecturer Defensa Y Yo 4.0
Deputy Director For European Energy Security At The Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center (GEC)

Olga Khakova is the Deputy Director of European Energy Security at the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center (GEC), where she leads transatlantic cooperation to synchronize climate and energy security. She has spearheaded initiatives such as the GEC’s Innovation Stream and the Model COP26 competition, addressing these issues through high-level reports and conferences.

A prominent contributor to various media outlets, she is a frequent guest on major networks and has been published in reputable outlets. Previously,

Khakova coordinated programs at the US Energy Association and led initiatives such as the Western Balkans Electricity Market. She also directed programs at The Climate + Energy Project, focusing on clean energy advocacy and stakeholder engagement. Her expertise extends to organizing aviation security programs at Bombardier Aerospace and serving on the Board of Directors ofthe Women’s Council on Energy and the Environment. Khakova holds a Master of Science in Environmental Assessment from the University of Kansas.

Jose Julio Fernández Rodríguez
Professor Of Constitutional Law At The University Of Santiago De Compostela

D. in Law, Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Political and Social Sciences, Bachelor of Journalism, and Bachelor of Audiovisual Communication. Diploma in Security and Defence Studies. Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). Director of the Centre for Security Studies (CESEG, a joint centre USC -Ministry of Defence through CESEDEN). He was ombudsman of the Autonomous Community of Galicia (ombudsman or ombudsman of Galicia) and delegate of data protection of the USC. Author of numerous scientific publications, both monographs and articles in academic journals and articles in collective books (more than 180, of high impact). These publications, which were published in seventeen countries, are related to the field of constitutional theory, fundamental rights, constitutional justice, new technologies and security and defence. Cross of Naval Merit with white badge (Kingdom of Spain). Doctor honoris causa. As an expert, he attendedseveral international legal cooperation and institutional strengthening programs.