contest winners (2024)

Nizar El Bouzidi Amhot

Universidad de Granada

My name is Nizar El Bouzidi Amhot, and I was born and raised in a small town in southern Spain, named Algeciras, on September the 27th of 2002. Born to a couple of Moroccan immigrants, international relations it’s been a topic I’d always been interested in, because I saw it in my day-to-day life: the difficulties my parents went through to get the Spanish nationality, the not-so-friendly view other people had of us, the differences between the two cultures I grew up in, etc. That’s why, after two years studying physics, a field I loved but which had too many numbers and too few words for me to dedicate the rest of my life to it; I joined Political Science and Law and found my passion in learning about the inner workings of the world I live in; not from the perspective of energy and matter, as I would have done in physics, but by understanding the way our societies are conformed and how they interact with one another.