contest winners (2022)

Miranda Villamanta Rojas

Universidad de Castilla La Mancha (Toledo)

Business Management and Administration and International Relations

My name is Miranda Villamanta Rojas. I am twenty years old. I was born in Toledo and I live there with my family. Since I was little, I have practiced different sports like modern dance, handball, swimming, aerobics, running and gym. I love traveling around Spain and other countries and getting to know the customs and gastronomy of the places I visit. My hobbies are learning languages, cooking and visiting museums and art exhibitions. I am also an animal lover; I have two cats at home, and I volunteer in an animal shelter in Toledo. I am keen on learning languages; I have a B2 level in English and I am preparing myself to get the C1. 
 Currently, I am studying a double degree in Business and International Affairs. This year, I would like to start learning German. One of my aims is to finish my double degree as soon as possible in order to work in areas such as business and politics. I would like to study a master’s degree in Digital Marketing or Big Data in English to work in a multinational company. I would also like to give conferences to other people since I have mastered public speaking. I feel grateful for this opportunity since I am convinced it will be a very positive and enriching experience.

El futuro de la OTAN: la cumbre de Madrid 2022 y el nuevo concepto estratégico

El futuro de la OTAN

In this project I want to show the different ways and possibilities of improving security within NATO member countries. To do this, I have collected information from the press and news of the different media. In this project, I expose:

  • A brief description of NATO as an organization, as well as the topics that will be adressed in the next Summit that will be celebrated at the end of June in Madrid.
  • The measures to be applied in order to strengthen the security and defence of the organization within the international framework.